About the Webinar

The revenue sector is undergoing a significant digital transformation with the help of technologies like AI and ML. Businesses and governments recognise the importance of leveraging these technologies for efficient service delivery, transparent governance, and data-driven decision-making. Coordinated efforts between central and state governments aim to harmonise the implementation of digital solutions, leading to optimised resource allocation, trend identification, and informed choices.

To further accelerate the growth in this sector through the help of emerging and innovative technologies, Elets Technomedia and SAS bring you a webinar on Revenue Management and Intelligence on 28th July 2023. The webinar will explore the theme 'Driving Revenue Growth through Digital Transformation' with a particular focus on 'Property Tax and IGR.' It will highlight the potential of AI and Cognitive Computing in revenue and intelligence management.

The webinar offers valuable insights and strategies for revenue growth in the digital age, highlighting SAS's innovative solutions to unlock new revenue streams. It is a must-attend webinar for those interested in harnessing AI's power and driving revenue growth. Attendees will gain deep insights into revenue growth strategies and leveraging technology for revenue management and intelligence.

Key Highlights

Keynote Address by Esteemed Government Officials

Panel Discussions on Property Tax and IGR

Success Stories of Real-World Initiatives

Networking Opportunities with Peers and Experts

Key Speakers

Amit Sharma

Former Secretary
Geology & Mining Department
Government of Jammu Kashmir

Shalini Agrawal

Municipal Commissioner
Surat Municipal Corporation

Ajeet Deshmukh

Deputy Commissioner
Pune Municipal Corporation

Sunil Dhamne

Joint Municipal Commissioner
Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai

Abhishek Deshmukh

Deputy Inspector General, IT
Registration & Stamps Department
Government of Maharashtra

Saptarishi Dutta

Sr Business Solutions
SAS India

Aashish Jain

Principal Business Solution Manager
SAS India

Vikash Sultania

Territory Leader Government,
Energy and Power
SAS India

Key Themes


03.00 pm - 03.50 pm

Panel Discussion - Property Tax and stamps & Registration : Unlocking Growth Potential : Exploring Technology’s Role in IGR & Property Tax Revenue Intelligence

  • Shalini Agarwal, IAS Municipal Commissioner, Surat Municipal Corporation
  • Ajeet Deshmukh, Deputy Commissioner of Taxation & Tax Collection, Pune Municipal Corporation, Government of Maharashtra
  • Sunil Dhamne, Joint Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Greater Mumbai
  • Abhishek Deshmukh, Deputy Inspector General, IT, Registrations & Stamps Department, Government of Maharashtra
  • Saptarishi Dutta, Sr Business Solutions, Manager, SAS India
  • Puja Banerjee, Assistant Editor, Elets Technomedia (Moderator)

03:50 pm - 04:30 pm

Fireside Chat - Next Gen Revenue Strategies for Mining.

  • Amit Sharma, IAS, Former Secretary, Geology & Mining Department, Government of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Ashish Jain, Principal Business Solution Manager, SAS India
  • Krishna Chandra Mishra, Product Head, Elets Technomedia (Moderator)

04:30 pm - 05:00 pm

SAS Presentation - Analytics for Revenue Growth & Intelligence

  • Vikash Sultania, Territory Leader Government, Energy and Power, SAS India

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