Elets Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Microsoft India

is going to organise two Roundtable virtual session on Reimagining & Transforming the Future of Governance to emphasise on the role of cloud technology in redefining the functioning of the public sector organisations. The sessions will witness deliberations highlighting the importance of cloud computing in augmenting service delivery, cost optimization and data security for a holistic capacity building of the public sector organisations. Moreover, it will see how private players like Microsoft are contributing to improving cloud-based services to aid digitisation.

Key Discussion Points

Cloud technology empowering
public sector operations and
service delivery

Challenges faced by public
sector organisations in adopting
Cloud technology

Need for governing policies and
successful public-private
collaboration for the adoption of
Cloud-based services

Leveraging Cloud
technology for reducing
costs, increasing efficiency
of work and securing data

Why Attend

  • To know the significance of Cloud technology in transforming workplaces for facilitating efficient service delivery, securing data, and optimising costs
  • Discuss how Cloud-based services can reshape the functioning of public sector organisations
  • To know the role of the private sector in bridging the technology gap with their advanced technological tools and services

Who Should Attend

  • Policymakers from Central and State Governments
  • Senior officials from the IT, Energy, Urban and Healthcare departments
  • PSU leaders (CMDs, EDs, GMs)
  • Experts from NIC, State Data Centre etc.

For more Information, Please Contact:

Harshal Y Desai | +91-9930903115 | harshal@elets.in